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Car Battery

Dhaka Auto Service offers top-quality auto repair services in Toronto, ON, including quick and competitively priced car battery installations. Your vehicle’s battery is essential for engine starting and powering various electrical systems such as lights, radio, power seats, and windows. Our experienced mechanics can assist you in selecting the right battery for your car.

For effective car battery care in Toronto, ON, we recommend the following tips:
  • Clean and remove rust, while adding anti-corrosive protection.
  • Tighten loose hold-down clamps and terminals.
  • Test the battery’s condition regularly.
  • Check the alternator belt tension and wear.
  • Remember to turn off front lights, cabin lights, and the vehicle radio when not in use.

Car batteries are rechargeable, so it’s wise to carry jumper cables or a portable battery charging system for unexpected emergencies. When your battery wears out, recycling it reduces the resources needed for new batteries and prevents toxic chemicals from improper disposal.

At Dhaka Auto Service, we specialize in battery replacements in Toronto, ON. Our skilled mechanics will safely install your new battery, ensuring you get back on the road swiftly. Visit us today for all your car battery needs, including car battery chargers.

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